, Gloucester, MA

January 10, 2013

Gloucester District Court: City teen gets jail time in mace case

Gloucester District Court

By Marjorie Nesin
Staff Writer

---- — Christopher Whitcomb, 19, of Magnolia Avenue was sentenced to 18 months in Middleton jail, with credit for 83 days already served, after being found guilty on charges of assault and illegal possession of chemical mace in a pre-trial hearing Monday.

The charges resulted from a July arrest when Whitcomb was accused of attempting to use the mace on a woman during an argument with that woman.

A 26-year-old Gloucester man was sentenced to 60 days in Middleton jail and had his driver’s license suspended until January 2014 after he was found guilty on charges including a subsequent offense of driving with a suspended license.

Alexander A. Mosher of Elwell Street in Gloucester had been arrested in November on charges of driving past a stop sign without slowing, then failing to stop for a police officer. He was also charged with operating on a suspended driver’s license and negligent driving.

Mosher was found guilty for failing to stop for police, negligent operation, and driving with the suspended license. He was placed on administrative supervision until January 2014 and ordered to attend a driving education class.

Judge Joseph Jennings placed Ron Decaro of Main Street in Gloucester on pretrial probation until October 2013 at a pretrial hearing Monday.

Decaro, 35, was arrested in Rockport in August on charges of breaking and entering after a woman accused him of entering her boyfriend’s truck at her Stockholm Avenue home, according to a police report.

Charges of failing to stop for police — filed against a man who ran a stop sign, then allegedly drove away from police three times in a row during the attempted traffic stop — will be dismissed if court costs of $100 are paid, Judge Joseph Jennings decided at the man’s Monday arraignment.

Michael G. Hildebrand, 54, of Prospect Street was arrested early Monday then arraigned the same day.

According to a police report, an officer tried to stop Hildebrand after he drove from Railroad Avenue onto Washington Street without stopping at the sign. Hildebrand pulled over for an officer three times, but each time drove off as an officer exited the vehicle, until the last stop on Grant Circle, according to police.

Brandon Wilcox, a 25-year-old Elizabeth Street man arrested in November on charges including intimidating a witness and threatening to commit a crime, will face six months in Middleton jail if he commits another crime between now and January 2014.

Wilcox was ordered to pay $90 in fees, was placed on probation until January 2014 and will be subject to random alcohol screenings.

Wilcox was arrested after a reported domestic dispute at a Perkins Street home in November. According to a police report, Wilcox yelled at a woman, telling her not to talk to police; he then spit at police after his arrest, banged his head against the plexiglass in the cruiser that separates the police from those arrested, and threatened to kill police.

A charge of malicious property destruction totaling over $250 in damage and a second charge of witness intimidation were dismissed. Wilcox was also found guilty of disturbing the peace.

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