, Gloucester, MA

November 28, 2012

Gloucester District Court: Man gets jail time in 3rd shoplifting case

Gloucester District Court

By Marjorie Nesin
Staff Writer

---- — A 40-year-old homeless man was sentenced to a year in Middleton Jail and is under administrative supervision until May 27, 2014 after a pretrial hearing Tuesday for his third shoplifting offense.

According to police reports, William D. Scrobacz of Lynn was charged after allegedly stealing scissors, razor blades and notebook paper from the Family Dollar store on Whistlestop Way.

Scrobacz will also pay a probation fee of $65 per month, after pleading guilty on charges of assault and battery, related to a separate incident.

Police had issued a warrant for Scrobacz’s arrest on Nov. 18, after receiving a report that he punched a woman in the head.

Police located the woman, who officers said appeared to have sustained a concussion, according to reports. The woman declined medical attention, police said.

Two previously registered sex offenders who had been found engaging in oral sex in public were sentenced to serve time in the Middleton Jail at pre-trial hearings Tuesday.

Charles D. Ilges, a 49-year-old homeless Gloucester man, was sentenced to 77 days in jail, with 25 days credited to his sentence. Thomas R. Brien, 68, of Summit Street was sentenced to 60 days in jail, also with 25 days credited.

Both men pleaded guilty to charges open and gross lewdness and disorderly conduct. According to police reports, the two were arrested on the afternoon of Nov. 5 behind the loading dock at Shaw’s, after a woman reported Brien performing oral sex on Ilges.

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