, Gloucester, MA

February 27, 2013

Gloucester District Court: Ex-Rockport selectman gets dismissal

Gloucester District Court

By Marjorie Nesin
Staff Writer

---- — GLOUCESTER — A former Rockport selectman whose license had been suspended after a drunken driving charge, will see charges of driving with a suspended license dismissed if he pays court costs of $200, Judge Joseph Jennings decided at a pretrial hearing Monday.

Charles H. Clark, 55, of Autumn Lane in Rockport had been arrested in November, when Gloucester police used a machine to query his license plate and found that his license was suspended, according to a police report.

Police then saw the warrant out of Salem District Court for a drunken driving charge, according to police.

Laurel Court resident Renard Rawson, 27, pleaded guilty and was found guilty on two separate charges of violating restraining orders in court trials Monday.

Rawson will remain on probation for a year and was ordered to pay a $50 assessment fee on each case. He was also ordered not to abuse people and must abide by any restraining orders issued against him in the future.

Rawson’s first arrest in these cases came when police saw him in August on Maplewood Avenue, walking alongside the woman who police knew had an active restraining order against him.

Rawson was charged with two more counts of violating the restraining order when police brought him into the Gloucester station from Middleton Jail and he saw the plaintiff on the restraining order being booked at the station, according to police.

In two separate incidents on that day, Rawson “became loud” and was yelling to the woman, first asking her why she had been arrested and if she had been with anyone while she was in jail, then later yelling as she was being taken into court by police that he loves her and needed to talk to her.

Charges of assault and battery and assault and battery with a dangerous weapon against Gilbert S. Greenberg, a 44-year-old Heights at Cape Ann resident, were both dismissed on failure to prosecute at a trial Monday.

Both charges stemmed from an October arrest, when Greenberg allegedly threw liquor bottles at a woman in his home. Greenberg was also accused of striking the same woman on her back, police said.

A 45-year-old Bass Avenue woman was ordered to pay a $50 assessment after Jennings decided she had admitted to sufficient facts on a charge of driving with a suspended license, but continued the case until April 2014.

The woman, Beatrice E. Saunders, had been charged in October after she crashed her vehicle into a ditch on Route 128 North beyond Grant Circle, and police found that she had been driving with a suspended license, according to a police report. A charge of negligent driving was dismissed at the state’s request.

Charges of driving after a license suspension that were filed against a 44-year-old Peabody woman in January will be dismissed if the woman pays court costs of $200, Judge Jennings decided in a pretrial hearing Tuesday.

That woman, Arlene Middleton, was charged with driving after license suspension and with driving with a rejected inspection sticker, after police saw her driving on Gloucester’s Maplewood Avenue and noticed an expired inspection sticker on her vehicle, according to a report. Dispatch then told officers that Middleton’s license was also suspended, according to police.

Middleton was found responsible for the inspection sticker charge in court Tuesday.

A charge of driving an uninsured vehicle against a 27-year-old Main Street man will be dismissed if he pays court costs of $200, Jennings decided at a pretrial hearing Tuesday.

Police had issued the charge against the man, Bryan Clancy, in December, after citing him for failing to stop at the posted sign at the corner of Essex and Western Avenues, according to a report. Clancy was found responsible for the stop sign violation.

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