, Gloucester, MA

February 28, 2013

Verizon urges customers to report voice-mail snag

By Nancy Gaines

---- — Contrary to assurances from Verizon last week that its voice mail service was repaired after a four-to-six-week “downage,” some Gloucester customers continued to encounter problems with the service until at least Tuesday.

“If there is anyone who is still having a problem,” said phone company spokesman Philip Santoro, “they should let me know or call us at 1-800-VERIZON.”

Customers may also obtain a rebate for the lack of the service by contacting the phone company, said Santoro.

The trouble reported in Saturday’s Times was that the indicator of a message left for the subscriber – an interrupted dial tone signal – did not work. So people were unaware they had messages to retrieve.

“I use my cell or text, or use my office phone nearly 24/7,” said one subscriber, “so I didn’t notice the absence of a voice mail signal. When I read about it and checked, I had 15 messages going back to January.”

His problem was reported to Verizon Tuesday afternoon and fixed by that night. Another subscriber who called the Times Monday indicated that his service had not yet been repaired, either.

Santoro said he wanted to hear from subscribers who still had a problem, and “I will track it down and get it fixed.”

Earlier reports from a customer service supervisor had said the downage was Cape Ann-wide, but Santoro said it was sporadic.

The root of the problem was a software glitch in the Gloucester office, he said.