, Gloucester, MA

February 28, 2013

Gloucester man faces fifth DUI charge

By Marjorie Nesin
Staff Writer

---- — A 42-year-old Haskell Street man who conceded he’d have trouble reciting the alphabet chalked up his fifth drunken driving charge Tuesday morning, and police have tacked on four other charges too, including driving with a suspended license, driving an uninsured vehicle and driving a vehicle with a revoked registration.

Michael A. Webb was arrested about 5:53 a.m. after failing four sobriety tests, including a test in which the subject recites a portion of the alphabet, according to police.

Webb was asked to recite the letters of the alphabet starting at “D” and ending in “X,” according to police. Webb made it to “Q” twice, starting over once, then saying “Q, I” the second time, before he told police he could not pass the test, police said.

”Webb then told me that it had been a long time since he had recited the alphabet,” Officer Peter Cherry wrote in the report, “so he didn’t believe he would be able to perform this test,”

A second man, 25-year-old Stephen A. Parsons of Summit Street, also faced charges as a result of Webb’s arrest, because Webb was driving Parsons’s vehicle, police said. Parsons was charged with allowing his vehicle to be operated without liability and allowing it to be operated while unregistered.

Police had initially signaled for Webb to stop the vehicle he was driving, a BMW convertible, on Beach Road after patrolling officers found that a scan of the vehicle’s license plate revealed the vehicle’s registration had been revoked for lack of insurance.

But when police began signaling for Webb to pull over, Webb continued driving from Bass Avenue to and up the Route 128 Extension at about 15 miles per hour, police said. Webb allegedly drove though the Eastern Avenue traffic lights, traveled another 100 yards, then stopped, according to police.

Police then approached Webb in the vehicle to ask him about the registration status, and smelled “the strong odor of alcoholic beverage” emanating from his breath, according to the police report.

Webb told police before he took the sobriety tests, that his license had been revoked for past drunken driving offenses, and a system check confirmed that information for officers, police said.

“He told me, ‘Actually I probably shouldn’t be driving. I don’t have a license,’” Cherry wrote in the report.

At the station Webb refused to submit to a blood alcohol level breath test, police said.

Tally’s Towing removed the convertible from the roadway, according to police.

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