, Gloucester, MA

June 19, 2013

Gloucester District Court: Man jailed 47 days for hospital misconduct

By Marjorie Nesin
Staff Writer

---- — Editor's note: Due to an editor's error, the original headline of this story incorrectedly stated that the man was to be jailed for a year; he only served 47 days.

Raymond L. Belliveau, a 50-year-old Green Street resident, faced multiple charges in three cases in Gloucester District Court this month.

Belliveau had been arrested in April on multiple occasions, including once for allegedly driving drunk in the Addison Gilbert Hospital parking lot. Police said he then solicited people in the hospital cafeteria for money and phone usage.

He was also arrested for allegedly stealing jewelry from a deceased woman’s home.

Judge Joseph Jennings sentenced Belliveau to one year in jail with 47 days deemed served and the balance of the sentence suspended two years. Belliveau was ordered to pay $959 in fees, assessments and restitution. He was ordered to remain on probation until 2015, and submit to drug and alcohol screens during that time. His license was revoked for 90 days on the drunken driving charge, and that charge led to $600 of the nearly $1,000 in fees he owes.

Belliveau pleaded guilty to some of the charges.

Charges of malicious property destruction over $250 worth of property, and receiving stolen property were dismissed at the commonwealth’s request.

Aside from the drunken driving charge, all other charges related to the incident at Addison Gilbert Hospital were dismissed at the commonwealth’s request. Those dismissed charges were disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, and trespassing.

Marianne Hiltz, a 53-year-old Friend Street woman who faced larceny and shoplifting charges in Gloucester District Court was ordered to pay a total of $100 on the charges.

Hiltz admitted to sufficient facts on charges of larceny under $250 and shoplifting, but Judge Mary McCabe continued the charges without a finding until next year.

The charges were made against Hiltz after a December arrest for allegedly stealing food items from the Common Crow on Main Street and taking a $75 pair of gloves from the Green Life Store next door.

McCabe dismissed charges of possessing class E and B drugs against Hiltz at the commonwealth’s request.

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