, Gloucester, MA

April 1, 2013

Manchester Warrant

Gloucester Daily Times

---- — Articles appearing on Manchester’s warrant for its Annual Town Meeting, beginning tonight at 7 p.m. in the Memorial Elementary School gym. If needed, the meeting could continue tomorrow night as well:

1. Receive and place on file the reports of town boards and committees appearing in the annual report.

2. Fix the 12-month fiscal year salary and compensation of all elective officers.

3. Pay town’s share of the North Shore Regional Vocational School District ($80,335 via taxation).

4. Pay town debts and charges for the ensuing 12 months, effective July 1.

5. Raise and appropriate money called for under the following items, or any other sums, for the purposes indicated, and to determine how the money shall be obtained.

6. Pay for the town’s assessment for the gross operating and maintenance expenses for Manchester Essex Regional School District.

7. Hear and act on the report of the Community Preservation Committee on the fiscal 2014 Community Preservation budget and to appropriate from the Community Preservation fund to meet the administrative expenses.

8. Pay for preliminary engineering, testing, design, and cleanup of the parcels of land on Pine Street and Rockwood Heights.

9. Authorize selectmen to acquire by purchase, gift, eminent domain or otherwise a permanent easement on a parcel of land located on 162 Pine St.

10. Provide additional working capital in the police detail account, $5,000 by taxation.

11. Establish a Fire Department detail account for the purpose of paying fire department details while awaiting payment from responsible parties.

12. Authorize selectmen to petition the General Court for the enactment of a special law to establish the Board of Assessors as a three-member board comprised of the principal assessor and two other members, all to be appointed by selectmen.

13/14. Accept the provisions of state law and adopt a bylaw authorizing the denial or revocation of any license or permit issued by the town to any person, corporation or business enterprise who has failed to pay any taxes, fees, assessments, betterments or any other municipal charges.

15. Raise money to be deposited into the Town’s other Post-Employment Benefits Trust Fund.

16. Amend Article IX, section 3 of the Town’s general bylaws as follows to remove the phrase “ and School employees”.

17. Establish a revolving fund to support Town of Manchester recreation programs offered by the recreation department.

18. Pay for a feasibility study of the proposed replacement and enlargement of the Central Street Culvert. $47,000 by taxation.

19. Pay for a study of the fire station space utilization and building needs.

20. Amend Article II, Section 18 of the General By-laws of the Town by deleting the “$250,000” and inserting “$1,000,000”.

21. Amend zoning bylaw by inserting a new section 6.18, regarding ground mounted solar panels.

22. Adopt the “Stretch Energy Code” set forth in the State Building Code at 780 CMR 115.AA

23. Amend Article X, section 28, of the General bylaws of the Town, Animal Control, by changing the membership of the Animal Control Board in Paragraph B, Administration, from three to five members.

24. Amend Article X, section 28.C.3 of the General By-Laws effective July 1, 2013 to read: No person owning, harboring, or having custody and, or control of a dog shall permit such dog to trespass on any Town Beaches from May 1 through Sept. 30.

25. Adopt Plastic Bag Reduction bylaw, and include this bylaw as part of Section 39, Article X within the town’s general bylaws.

26. Amend Article I, Section 4B(1) of town bylaws to increase the “fine allowed” under the general wetlands bylaw from $200 to $300; add the “Conservation Administrator” as an enforcement agent; and modify the fine schedule.

27. Replenish the Finance Committee reserve fund for the fiscal year that began July 1, 2012.

28. Raise money for the stabilization fund.

29. Appropriate or transfer money from free cash for the purpose of reducing the tax rate.