, Gloucester, MA

July 19, 2013

Gloucester District Court: Anger classes part of sentence in truck crash

Gloucester District Court

By Marjorie Nesin
Staff Writer

---- — A 45-year-old Hartz Street resident pleaded guilty to four charges he accrued after an anger-infused crash in October.

Michael D. Rich could serve up to 90 days in jail if he breaks the law or the terms of his probation over the next year, after Judge Joseph Jennings ordered Rich to attend anger management evaluation and driving classes. He must also pay a $50 assessment and stay away from the people who were in the vehicle that his truck had struck.

According to police, Rich had swerved his vehicle into the lane of the other vehicle as he passed them driving in the opposite direction that day.

He then made a U-turn and began tailgating the vehicle. When the vehicle stopped to let someone turn from the Stop and Shop into the roadway, Rich rear ended the other vehicle.

According to court records, he and the driver had fought an ongoing battle over a vehicle title. Rich got out of his vehicle after it struck the other car and began trying to punch the man through his car window before fleeing the area.

Police charged Rich with reckless driving, leaving the scene of property damage, unlicensed driving and assault.

Jennings found that 24-year-old Felicia Marie Grossi admitted to sufficient facts on a drunken driving charge, but he continued her case without a finding until October 2014.

Jennings ordered Grossi to pay $600 in fees and assessments, attend alcohol programming and give up her drivers license for 45 days.

Grossi was arrested in August, when police noticed the tail lights out on her vehicle as she was driving home from Captain Carlos where she had been drinking that night. She failed four sobriety tests and her blood alcohol level tested at 0.23, well above the legal 0.08 limit.

Grossi, of Woodward Avenue, was found not responsible for a tail lights violation.

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