, Gloucester, MA

July 30, 2013

Gloucester Police/Fire: Woman faces third DUI after Extension stop

Gloucester Police/Fire

By Marjorie Nesin
Staff Writer

---- — A Concord Street woman faces drunken driving charges for a third time, after police arrested the woman who was driving on the Route 128 Extension Sunday about 10:50 p.m.

Police initially stopped Tanya R. Vialpando, 37, for driving 70 miles per hour and crossing over the center lane on the Extension. But, as they illuminated the cruiser’s lights, she flicked on her right turn directional then pulled to the left before moving to the right lane to stop.

An officer offered Vialpando field sobriety tests, but after she failed the first one, she declared “(bleep) this, just give me a Breathalyzer,” according to the police report.

Also noting her glassy eyes, slurred speech, and an odor of alcohol on Vialpando’s breath, officers arrested her, charging her with a third offense of drunken driving, a marked lanes violation, and speeding.

The Gloucester police boat rescued a sinking 20-foot boat with three people aboard Saturday in the Annisquam River behind Gloucester High School.

The Coast Guard, firefighters and police officers rushed to the scene at 8:08 a.m. to assist the boat. The Gloucester police boat operators managed to escort the sinking boat to the ramp, where officers assisted in pumping water from the boat. The owner eventually loaded the boat on a trailer and removed it from the water.

Saturday’s beach weather drew sunbathers, swimmers — and a number of police issues — to Good Harbor Beach.

Riptides and high waves in the afternoon hours caused lifeguards to prohibit swimmers from venturing out in water higher than their waists. Lifeguards also closed off sections of the beach and assisted 20 to 30 swimmers who were stuck in the riptides.

Meanwhile, in the parking lot, a woman accidentally locked her two children in her air-conditioned car. The vehicle was still running when the air conditioner turned on until Tally’s arrived to assist her.

Also, the high tide on the filled beach brought people a bit too close together. One officer who tended to two arguments, said it was “impossible” to walk the beach because beachgoers were practically piled up.

Two men argued after one’s sunscreen spray reached the other. The man touched by the second hand spray, said he is allergic to sunblock and the men hashed it out. An officer warned the allergic man that it would be difficult to avoid sunscreen on a beach.

Then two women — one who wanted to read and another who was loudly playing a radio, according to police — ought over the small radio. Police separated the women up and warned the one listening to music that radios are prohibited on city beaches.

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