, Gloucester, MA

April 23, 2013

Gloucester District Court: Man gets suspended time on license charge

Gloucester District Court

By Marjorie Nesin
Staff Writer

---- — A 27-year-old Eastern Avenue man, admitted in Gloucester District Court to driving after a license suspension and faces a suspended 10-day jail sentence on that charge.

Judge Joseph Jennings ordered Jorge Rosado to pay a $1000 fine and will hold the 10-day sentence in Middleton Jail over Rosado’s head for the next year while Rosado is under administrative supervision.

Jennings found Rosado responsible for driving without taillights, and not responsible for failing to wear a seat belt during the same December traffic stop.

Thomas A. Champigny, a 61-year-old Norman Avenue resident, admitted to sufficient facts on a charge of drunken driving, but Judge Jennings continued the case without a finding to next year, ordering Champigny to pay $600 in fees and assessments and attend alcohol education programming.

Champigny’s license is revoked for 45 days and he will pay a yet to be determined amount of restitution to the city to repair the guardrail that he allegedly crashed his vehicle into on Hesperus Avenue while driving drunk earlier this month.

Kelly K. Fraga, a 45-year-old Essex woman, pleaded guilty to a second offense of drunken driving and Jennings found the Fraga guilty in the case.

Jennings ordered Fraga to pay $350 in fees and assessments and a 120-day suspended jail sentence, which will be held over the next two years while she is on probation. Jennings also ordered Fraga to attend alcohol education programs.

A charge of negligent driving against Fraga was dismissed at the state’s request, and Jennings found her not responsible for a lights violation.

According to a police report, Fraga faced the charges after an officer responding to a report of an erratic driver and stopped her vehicle on Route 133.

She failed sobriety tests, police said. A 15-year-old boy had been riding in the front seat of the vehicle, police said.

Judge Jennings also dismissed the following cases in Gloucester District Court:

A charge of unlicensed driving leveled against Tanya Rowe, a 40-year-old Rockport woman, will be dismissed if she pays court costs of $50.

A charge of unlicensed driving against a 23-year-old Peabody man will be dismissed if that man, Zachary A. Gagnon, pays court costs of $50. The probation department recommended that dismissal, according to court documents.

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