, Gloucester, MA

August 2, 2013

Gloucester District Court: City man gets jail time on property charge

By Marjorie Nesin
Staff Writer

---- — A 30-year-old Gloucester man listed as homeless was sentenced to serve jail time after pleading guilty to charges of receiving stolen property. The charges were tied to a theft from a woman’s house of jewelry that was then pawned for money.

Judge Joseph Jennings sentenced Salvatore Aiello to 18 months in Middleton Jail, with 81 days of that sentence deemed already served. Aiello pleaded guilty to the charge.

A 41-year-old Friend Street man who allegedly pawned the jewelry that he knew Aiello had stolen, was ordered to pay $90 in fees plus more restitution, as well as undergo random alcohol screens.

Keith Duwart told police at the time of his arrest that he had “figured” the jewelry he pawned for his friend was stolen.

Judge Joseph Jennings found that Duwart admitted to sufficient facts in the case, but continued it without a find until next year. The amount of restitution that Duwart will be court mandated to pay to the victim was not immediately determined.

Duwart saw a charge of larceny of more than $250 dismissed at the request of the Commonwealth.

Joseph Fronduto, a 20-year-old Saugus man, received a suspended jail sentence after he pleaded guilty to possession of heroin in Gloucester with intentions to distribute the Class A drug.

Judge Joseph Jennings sentenced Fronduto to nine months in Middleton Jail, with 31 days to be served and those days deemed already served. The balance of the sentence is suspended 18 months, during which time he is on probation and subject to random drug and alcohol screens. Fronduto was also ordered to pay a $90 assessment.

An additional charge against Fronduto of possessing heroin was dismissed at the Commonwealth’s request.

Officers wearing plain clothes had arrested Fronduto June 29 after observing him acting suspiciously, then catching him with heroin in hand.

Judge Joseph Jennings ordered a 24-year-old LePage Lane man to pay restitution and assessments and handed down a suspended jail sentence to the man on charges of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon and wanton property destruction.

Jonathan Neat pleaded guilty on both charges, which resulted from an incident where he threw a clear glass bottle through the rear window of a vehicle. The bottle smashed through the window and struck a 13-year-old passenger in the head.

Jennings handed down a sentence of one year in Middleton Jail with 46 days to be served and those deemed served. The balance was suspended for one year.

The amount of restitution he owes on the assault and battery charge has yet to be determined, but he was ordered to pay $6 on the property destruction charge. He was ordered to pay a $90 assessment and placed on probation for a year.

Mark Rose, a 50-year-old Pleasant Street man, saw a charge of assault and battery against him dismissed upon failure to prosecute in Gloucester District Court.

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