, Gloucester, MA

December 4, 2012

Hill on governor's proposal to cut local aid

Gloucester Daily Times

---- — BOSTON—State, Rep. Bradford R. Hill issued the following statement today in response to Gov. Patrick’s announcement that he plans to cut spending by $225 million and will seek the authority to cut local aid in order to address an estimated $540 million mid-year budget gap:“I am disappointed to hear of Governor Patrick’s request for the Legislature to allow for expansion of his 9C powers. As proposed, this move would ultimately give the Governor the authority to make severe cuts to local aid," said the Ipswich Republican, whose district includes all of Manchester.

"In these times of sluggish economic growth, Governor Patrick and the Legislature must not use reductions in local aid as a means to solve the state’s budgetary shortcomings. Our cities and towns are already feeling the adverse effects of the impending ‘fiscal cliff’ and any further budgetary reductions would further diminish any hope of an economic recovery at the local level.”