, Gloucester, MA

October 24, 2009

Police: Nude lady breaks into home

By Nick Curcuru

A woman accused of carrying out a break-in while she was naked is facing drug and larceny charges.

Police say Marlene S. McNeill, 24, of 66 Lake St., Tewksbury, broke into a friend's home early Friday morning — and that she carried out the break-in while she was naked.

Police were called to Cobblestone Lane at 3:20 a.m. yesterday after reports that a woman was naked, intoxicated and "out of control," according to friends who live on the street. When police arrived, they found that McNeill was gone — but her clothes and wallet had been left at the scene. Police say they found an OxyContin pill in the wallet; OxyContin is an opioid.

A search of the area turned up no trace of the woman, but police were called back to Cobblestone Lane a short time later on reports that McNeill had broken into her friends' home while they and police were searching for her.

According to police reports, $150 in cash and two bottles of prescription pills were taken from the home, and the victim's bedroom was ransacked and covered in shaving cream.

Police did not locate the woman and her car was still parked in the St. Peter's Square parking lot at 6:45 a.m. yesterday.

McNeill was not arrested because she had eluded police as of last night. But Gloucester Police said yesterday they are filing charges of larceny and illegal possession of a opioid substance against the woman.

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