, Gloucester, MA

April 22, 2013

Police seize weapons after teen injury

By Marjorie Nesin
Staff Writer

---- — A 17-year-old Gloucester boy, depressed about school, family situations and a girl, shot himself in the foot Thursday about 11 a.m., not attempting to kill himself, but meaning to inflict pain, he told police.

Police seized numerous weapons from the 17-year-old Myrtle Square boy after the teen used a .177 caliber Newmatic BB air rifle to shoot a lead pellet into his left foot.

“He (said) he has had a lot of stress that finally caught up with him today,” police wrote in a report. “He decided to shoot himself, but not kill himself at home.”

Police called to the scene found the teen in his bedroom, the bullet having left a hole inside of his left foot by the Achilles, and with dried blood surrounding the hole.

The teenager was transported to Addison Gilbert Hospital by ambulance for treatment to the wound, and his mother met him at the hospital, according to police.

From the home, police seized two air soft pistols with both pellets and magazines, according to police. Officers also gathered two air soft rifles and a hunting bow with arrows from the home and brought all the weapons to the police station.

In Massachusetts, a person is not required to have a Firearms Identification Card in order to buy BB guns. Still, police seized the weapons, at least temporarily, because the teen had used them to harm himself, police said.

The teen agreed to speak with counselors about the issues he was experiencing, and said he would seek more long-term counseling too, according to a police report.

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