, Gloucester, MA

April 10, 2008

Gloucester Police/Fire


What started as an argument over loud music eventually led to the arrest of a Riggs Street man on assault charges Tuesday night.

James M. Gifford, 53, of 6 Riggs St., was arrested on a charge of domestic assault with a dangerous weapon against his roommate.

According to interviews contained in the police report, Gifford asked his roommate to turn down his music. When the roommate failed to lower the volume, Gifford shut his roommate's door. Police said the roommate, who appeared to be intoxicated, opened the door again, further agitating Gifford.

The roommate told police that Gifford picked up a knife and threatened him before going downstairs to cut power to the apartment. At that point, the roommate, fearing Gifford was holding a knife in the dark, called police.

Upon arriving at the scene at 11:33 p.m., police officers first noticed that none of the lights worked and then observed a knife on a plate in the middle of the kitchen table. A third witness in the apartment who knew the Gifford's roommate told police that Gifford was eating chicken during the argument and never picked up the knife. Gifford also told police he did not pick up the knife.

Police officer Michael Gossom made the arrest.

Criminal complaints

r Police will issue a criminal complaint against a Washington Square man for various motor vehicle violations.

Police said they would mail a complaint to Michael Wood, 36, of 161/2 Washington Square, for having an unregistered and uninsured motor vehicle on the road and for having an expired inspection sticker. The vehicle, which was parked on Washington Square, was towed by Tally's on Tuesday.

r A criminal complaint for drug-related charges was issued Tuesday against a Western Avenue man.

Christian H. Godinho, 17, of 580 Western Ave., faces a complaint for possession of a class D drug as well as possession of a class D drug with the intent to distribute.


r The owners of a Cobblestone Lane residence came upon someone attempting to break into their home around 4:52 p.m. Tuesday. Police were called and observed a two-inch-long pry mark. Police are investigating.


Fire report

Rescuers transported residents from Main Street to Addison Gilbert Hospital on Tuesday and from Great Republic Way, Kondelin Road and Cherry Street yesterday.