, Gloucester, MA

October 6, 2008

Gloucester police/fire


A search warrant on a possible heroin dealer lead to the arrest of four Gloucester residents on Saturday morning.

Charles Flynn, 27, of 242 Main St. was arrested on two counts of distributing a Class A substance.

Michael Kariores, 35, of 74 Main St. was arrested on an outstanding warrant and illegal possession of a Class A substance.

Jessica M. Sherman, 29, of 43 1/2 School St. was arrested for being in the known presence of heroin and illegal possession of a class D substance.

Joseph Shultz, of 71 Main St. was arrested and charged with illegal possession of a Class A substance, and three counts of illegal possession of a class B substance.

With help of a police informant and an on-going investigation, police obtained a search warrant for 71 Main St., where they believed Flynn was dealing heroin. When police arrived at the apartment, they found Shultz, Kariores and Sherman. Police found heroin, needles and syringes in plain view as well as cooker spoons with heroin residue on them and other paraphernalia.

When questioned by police, Kariores admitted that Flynn had been selling heroin from his apartment, but was not there at the time.

Police then obtained a search warrant for Flynn's residence at 242 Main St. When they arrived, Flynn was placed him under arrest. Seized from Flynn was his cell phone, on which police intercepted a call for a heroin purchase, as well as $875 cash.

Sarah Tardif, 19, of 20 Eastern Point Road was arrested just after midnight Saturday and charged with being a minor purchasing alcohol.

Police were called to the House of Mitch on Rogers Street for a report of a man having a seizure. When police and fire department arrived, they treated a man, who according to witnesses, was punched by an unknown assailant. The man had hit his head on the floor and lost consciousness. He was taken to Addison Gilbert Hospital.

But while at the bar, police saw Tardif, who was under age.


Police responded to Washington and Pearl streets after a man reported another man was making threats against him early Saturday morning. When police arrived, they spoke with the man, who stated that his girlfriend's ex-boyfriend was making threats against him. The man said the ex-boyfriend was leaving threatening voice and text messages over money the girlfriend owned the ex-boyfriend. Police then made contact with ex-boyfriend and he came by the Washington Street residence and was given the $5 owned him. Police then told the ex-boyfriend that he could face charges if he continued send threatening messages.

Police responded to Exchange Street at 2 a.m. Saturday for reports that a purse had been stolen from a vehicle that had been parked in a driveway. A checkbook, credit cards and other personal items were in the purse, which was located in an unlocked vehicle. A handicap placket was also stolen from the vehicle.

An accident at the Washington Street train crossing destroyed a train gate on Saturday morning. When police arrived on the scene they found that the train warning gate had come down striking a Jeep. The driver of the Jeep said she was in traffic when the gate came down on her vehicle. The vehicle sustained no visible damage and the MBTA was notified that the warning gate was destroyed.

Police responded to Chestnut Street just before 10 p.m. Saturday on reports that two men were breaking into a vehicle. When police arrived on the scene they found that the vehicle was not entered but the alarm went off. Police searched the area and did not find the suspects.

Police responded to a Main Street gift shop just after 1 a.m. yesterday on reports of a window being vandalized. When police arrived on the scene they found the window had been broken. Police searched the area for suspects, none were found.

Police responded to White Hen Pantry on Bass Avenue at 3:30 a.m. yesterday when the building was hit by a vehicle. The vehicle operator, Harold A. Goodrich, of 749 Washington St. said he hit the gas instead of the break when he was pulling into a parking spot damaging the brick work and windows. Goodrich exchanged his information on the scene and the owner of the building was notified.