, Gloucester, MA

June 28, 2013

2 drunken driving cases, 2 drivers, same outcome

Gloucester District Court

By Marjorie Nesin
Staff Writer

---- — Two local 22-year-olds — Bradford L. Saville of Rockport and Alden B. French of Cambridge Avenue in Gloucester — have lost their licenses to drive for 45 days.

Each faced a drunken driving charge, to which he admitted sufficient facts and the judge made the same ruling in each case.

The cases for Saville and French were continued without a finding until next year. Each was ordered to pay $600 in fees and assessments on the charge and to attend alcohol education programs in the meantime; their licenses to drive were revoked for 45 days.

Judge Ellen Flatley also found Saville responsible for a marked lanes violation in his case.

Police had arrested Saville after seeing him swerving over marked lanes on Essex Avenue then watching him fail field sobriety tests.

Judge Joseph Jennings ruled on French’s case. French had been arrested after police saw him use a left blinker in the Grant Circle rotary and drift over marked lanes. French was arrested on Washington Street near Addison Gilbert Hospital after he failed sobriety tests.

Stephen R. Peruzzi, a 21-year-old Holly Street man charged with leaving the scene of property damage after the truck he was driving crashed on Washington Street in April, was ordered to pay a $50 assessment and remain under administrative supervision until December.

Peruzzi admitted to sufficient facts in the case, but Judge Jennings continued the case without a finding until December. Jennings also found Peruzzi responsible for a marked lanes violation in the crash.

After the April crash, Peruzzi had allegedly walked to a friend’s house, and the friend drove him to Addison Gilbert Hospital, according to a police report from the time.

Judge Ellen Flatley ruled on the following cases in Gloucester District Court:

Brandon M. Lewis, a 27-year-old Granite Street man, will see a charge of driving during a license suspension dismissed if he pays $200 in court costs.

A charge of driving an uninsured vehicle leveled against Erica Westfield, 22, of Columbia Street, will be dismissed if Westfield pays $300 in court costs. Flatley found Westfield responsible for driving an unregistered vehicle in the same case.

Judge Jennings ruled on the following charges in Gloucester District Court:

Julio C. Mafiolete, 43, of Taylor Street, will see an unlicensed driving charge against him dismissed if he pays $200 in court costs.

A charge of violating a municipal ordinance leveled against Glenn A. Davis, a 56-year-old Middle Street man, will be dismissed if Davis pays $100 in court costs.

David F. Sheehan, a 58-year-old Shepherd Street man who also faced a charge of violating a municipal ordinance, will see that charge dismissed if he pays $100 in court costs.

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