, Gloucester, MA

April 27, 2013

Cable box causes tenant friction

Gloucester Police/Fire

By Marjorie Nesin
Staff Writer

---- — Police settled an argument at the YMCA Middle Street apartments Thursday evening, after one tenant removed the television cable box from the common area and put it in her room.

The responding officers told the woman she cannot confiscate items provided by the apartment manager.

The man who reported the incident told police that the woman had taken the box because she was angry that he was watching the Red Sox, police said.

The woman returned the cable box to the common space, according to police.

Police said the apartment managers are aware of ongoing issues between the two tenants.

Police received a report of a person writing in freshly poured sidewalk concrete in front of 101 East Main St. on Thursday about 7 p.m. Police did not find a suspect.

The city’s contracted paving company was contacted, and a worker attempted to buff the writing out of the fresh concrete, police said.

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