, Gloucester, MA

May 18, 2013

Saluting our seniors' four-year adventure

Gloucester Daily Times

---- — Nearly four years ago, many of the students you see on this page and on these following pages came together for the first time.

It was September 2009, and they were all ninth-graders — freshmen — at their new schools.

When they walked through the doors, they were entering a four-year journey, not only dealing with new academic courses, meeting new teachers and solving new problems, but in meeting and making new friends, exploring new relationships and learning life lessons while evolving from young teens into the young adults they’ve become today.

Now, they’re in the closing weeks of their four-year high school careers. And you will see a lot of names and a lot of smiling happy faces that, together, make up this year’s senior classes at Gloucester High School, Manchester Essex Regional, Rockport High and other area schools that draw Cape Ann students.

But as you view these pages, don’t simply look at the lists of names. Think of the successes each and every one of these students has enjoyed over the past four years – and think of the potential each and every one of them carry out the doors of their schools when they leave them in the coming weeks.

Think of the experiences they’ve shared, the friendships and relationships they’ve built. And think of all that these four years have meant to each and every one of them.

It is in that spirit that all of us here at the Gloucester Daily Times offer this proud salute to all of this year’s high school seniors — in recognition of all that they have accomplished over these last four years, and with our sincere best wishes and anticipation for all that they hope to accomplish over the next four years and beyond.

In that vein we extend our congratulations to all — with our sincere best wishes for a truly super future.

Ray Lamont

Editor, Gloucester Daily Times