, Gloucester, MA

January 9, 2013

Gloucester District Court: City teen gets 6 months in biting case

Gloucester District Court

By Marjorie Nesin
Staff Writer

---- — An 18-year-old Prospect Street man was handed a 6-month suspended jail term on charges of resisting arrest and assault resulting from an October incident in which he allegedly bit and kicked his 14-year-old girlfriend, then attempted to bite an officer and spit on him and the windows of a police cruiser, according to a police report.

Anthony Dietzel, during a Friday Gloucester District Court trial in front of Judge Joseph Jennings, had also faced charges of assault and battery and assault and battery with a dangerous weapon. But those charges were dismissed due to a failure to prosecute.

Dietzel pleaded guilty and was found guilty on the charges of resisting arrest and assault, drawing the jail term, a $50 fee, probation for a year and a requirement to undergo mandatory alcohol counseling.

Dean Nunes, 42, of Main Street, was ordered to pay $150 in court costs and fees by Judge Joseph Jennings in a case that resulted from Nunes allegedly being in a vehicle in which police found cocaine after a traffic stop last March.

Jennings found that Nunes had admitted to facts sufficient to warrant a guilty finding, but continued the charge for cocaine possession to January 2014 while placing him on administrative supervision until the next court date.

Caoin Sullivan, the 39-year-old Jewett Street man driving the car in that case, was also ordered to pay $150 in fees after admitting to sufficient facts, though his case was continued to January 2014 without a finding.

Sullivan was also found responsible for failing to stop at a marked stop sign and for failing to use a turn signal.

An assault and battery charge against Anthony Bergmann, 23, of Warner Street was dismissed upon failure to prosecute at his Friday trial.

Bergmann had been accused of grabbing a 21-year-old woman’s arm, yelling and screaming at her, then dumping a soda on a woman’s head and chest as the two walked down Pleasant Street in June.

Peter H. Archer, 21, of Foley Road will pay a $50 fine and a restitution that has yet to be determined, after admitting to sufficient facts for driving over a yield sign at the intersection of Washington and Poplar Streets.

Judge Joseph Jennings continued the charge of leaving the scene of property damage without a finding until January 2014. The property destruction charge was dismissed at the Commonwealth’s request.

A 19-year-old Lands End Lane man arrested in November on drunken driving and other charges after he allegedly struck parked cars, then drove onward with one of his vehicle’s wheels missing, was ordered to surrender his license for more than six months and assessed $350 in court fees.

The drunken driving charge against David J. Sudbay was continued without a finding until July 2014. But, because Sudbay admitted to sufficient facts, Judge Joseph Jennings ordered Sudbay to attend multiple alcohol education classes, to give up his driver’s license for 210 days, and to subject to random alcohol screenings.

Sudbay was found responsible for speeding. Sudbay admitted to sufficient facts for carrying false identification and possessing liquor while under the age of 21, but both of those charges were continued without a finding until July 2014.

Sudbay was also ordered to pay $655.90 to a Centennial Avenue car owner, whose car he allegedly struck during the incident.

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