, Gloucester, MA

February 20, 2013

Gloucester District Court: Woman gets time served on heroin charge

Gloucester District Court

By Marjorie Nesin
Staff Writer

---- — GLOUCESTER — Courtney A. Ahearn, 30, of Common Way was sentenced to 30 days in Middleton jail, with that time already deemed served after she pleaded guilty to a charge of heroin possession Friday.

Ahearn had been charged after emergency personnel transported her to Addison Gilbert Hospital from her home when she allegedly overdosed on heroin in October 2011.

A 33-year-old Concord Street man was ordered to remain sober and subject to random drug and alcohol screens, after Judge Joseph Jennings decided that the man, Andrew J. Bartlett, admitted to sufficient facts on a charge of possessing hashish.

Bartlett had been arrested in Rockport in January 2012, after he waved down a police patrol to tell the officer that he was intoxicated, according to police.

Police had placed Bartlett in protective custody and, during booking, found Bartlett to also be in possession of hashish. Bartlett took two Breathalyzer tests at the station, and registered a blood alcohol level of 0.30.

Judge Jennings found that Ashley Ilges of Veterans Way, 27, admitted to sufficient facts on a charge of possessing oxycodone, but Jennings continued the case without a finding until next year. He also ordered Ilges subject to random alcohol and drug screenings in the meantime.

Ilges was also ordered to pay a $50 assessment for a charge filed by an officer outside the Depot Restaurant on Railroad Avenue, who said the woman was “nodding off while standing upright,” then got into the driver’s seat of a vehicle, police said.

Police, acting to prevent the woman from driving the vehicle, noticed several bottles of prescription drugs sticking out of a pocketbook at her feet. Police charged Ilges after recovering four white pills wrapped in a cigarette wrapper that were later determined to be oxycodone, according to police.

A New York City man was arraigned in Gloucester District Court Friday and found responsible for a decriminalized charge of unlicensed operation and on a charge of improper driving.

David A. Myancela, 21, was ordered to pay a $100 fine for driving without a license and another $50 fine for the charge of improper driving.

According to police, Myancela had been stopped in January 2012, after he drove by a police officer playing his car stereo at a loud enough volume to “vibrate” the police cruiser, officers said. According to the police report, officers then saw the vehicle parked “suspiciously” at Shaw’s behind a tractor trailer truck in the lot. They then approached the car, found that Myancela was unlicensed, and charged him.

Segundo Q. Gauman, 33, of Friend Street will see a charge of parking an uninsured vehicle on a public way dismissed if he pays court costs of $250, Judge Jennings decided at a pre trial hearing Friday.

Gauman had been criminally charged in December, after a police-owned license plate scanner found that the insurance on the vehicle, then parked on Friend Street, had been revoked, according to a police report. Tally’s had towed the vehicle.

A 20-year-old Lynn man was found responsible for a marked lanes violation and a decriminalized charge of unlicensed driving that resulted from a traffic stop in January on Eastern Avenue.

Jose D. Alberto was ordered to pay a $100 fine on each charge, both of which he accumulated after another driver reported him operating erratically.

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