, Gloucester, MA

August 22, 2013

Gloucester District Court: Hamilton man gets DUI continuance

Gloucester District Court

By Marjorie Nesin
Staff Writer

---- — A 23-year-old South Hamilton man arrested in Essex on a drunken driving charge admitted to sufficient facts to warrant a guilty funding on the charge in court Monday.

Judge Joseph Jennings continued the case against Devon G. Scutteri without a finding until next year, ordering Scutteri to pay $600 in fees and assessments, and attend programs. Scutteriā€™s license is revoked for 45 days.

Scutteri told the court his last alcoholic drink that night was at The Landing in Manchester. Police had initially stopped him for driving 45 miles per hour in a 25-mile-per hour zone before testing his blood alcohol level at 0.20.

He was found not responsible on a speeding charge in the case.

Christian Muniz, a Maplewood Avenue man who faced larceny charges after cashing several checks adding up to about $2,000, was handed a suspended jail sentence in Gloucester District Court.

Muniz, 36, pleaded guilty to two counts of larceny and one of uttering a false check, and Jennings found him guilty on all accounts.

Jennings sentenced Muniz to 18 months in Middleton Jail, with that entire sentence suspended for two years.

He was ordered to pay $2,055 restitution, a $90 court assessment, enter a program and submit to screens for illegal drugs.

A Danvers man who wrote out four bounced checks to Ace Hardware, totaling about $2,000, admitted to sufficient facts on four larceny charges in the case, but the case was continued without a finding until February.

Ronald S. Tracartin, 51, was ordered to pay $2136 in restitution and a $90 assessment on the charges.

Judge Joseph Jennings dismissed the following cases in Gloucester District Court:

Dennis P. Monagle, a 38-year-old Beverly man, will see a charge of driving after a license suspension dismissed if he pays $200 in court costs. He was found not responsible on a lights violation in the same case.

A 20-year-old Chelsea woman, Danielle Amorim, who faced a charge of violating a bylaw will see that charge dismissed if she pays $100 in court costs.

A case against Medford resident Luis S. Fernandez, 20, for violating a municipal ordinance was set to be dismissed.

Bruno A. Holinda, a 19-year-old Everett man, will see a charge of violating a municipal ordinance dismissed if he pays $100 in court costs.

A charge of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon against Michael Paul, a 27-year-old Bellevue Avenue man, was dismissed upon failure to prosecute.

An additional charge against Paul of wanton property destruction was also dismissed on failure to prosecute.

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