, Gloucester, MA

October 7, 2013

Gloucester District Court: Woman gets jail time for assault on officers

Gloucester District Court

By Marjorie Nesin
Staff Writer

---- — A 35-year-old Warner Street woman who pleaded guilty to charges including two counts of assault and battery on a police officer and resisting arrest has been handed a six-month jail sentence.

Gloucester District Court Judge Joseph Jennings ordered Rachel A. Maneatis to serve 28 days of the six-month sentence and deemed that portion served, with the balance suspended for a year. He also ordered Maneatis to pay a $50 assessment and placed her on probation.

Maneatis had been arrested after she kicked an officer in the groin and tried to push another down the stairs.

Those assaults came after police tried to serve a harassment order to Maneatis, and she hid from police behind a closed door, refusing to open it.

Judge Jennings ordered William R. Mathews, a 41-year-old Cherry Street man, to pay $1,374 restitution on a charge of check larceny in Gloucester District Court last week.

Jennings also placed Mathews on probation on the charge that resulted from his allegedly paying for a metal delivery by check, then failing to return calls to the metal company after the check bounced for insufficient funds.

Dereck Romano, a 37-year-old Prospect Street man accused of throwing a woman against a wall and trying to choke her, admitted to sufficient facts on a charge of assault and battery, and Jennings continued the case without a finding until next year.

Romano was ordered to pay a $50 assessment along with a $350 batterer’s fee. He was also ordered to complete abuse programs.

Judge Jennings also dismissed the following charges in Gloucester District Court:

Michael D. DeWolfe, a 29-year-old Washington Street man, will see a charge of driving after a license suspension dismissed if he pays $200 in court costs. DeWolfe was found responsible for a charge of failing to have an inspection sticker in the same case.

Jennifer E. Curran Shairs, a 42-year-old Cherry Street woman, will too see a driving after a license suspension charge dismissed if she pays $200 in court costs.

A charge of driving an unregistered vehicle will be dismissed against East Main Street resident Adam E. Bonds, 40, if Bonds pays $100 in court costs. He was found not responsible for unlicensed driving in the same case.

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