A nonprofit education-based business that moved to its own downtown location this past summer is hosting a showcase for a variety of student art works Friday from 6 to 8 p.m. at the ‘Get Outside Center,’ 186 Main Street.

Kestrel Educational Adventures, whose programs include some 2,000 students from Gloucester, Rockport, Beverly and Salem through presenting a variety of arts and scientific projects, will spotlight the works of the students at its Friday event, which is open to the public. 

The showcase will feature works created by some 250 of those students — including a mosaic created by the center’s class of home-schooled students, said Jessica Kagle, Kestrel Adventures’ founder and program director.

The project will also include the works of some of the students who utilize the center, which includes 60 students from Rockport and another 50 from Gloucester. 

Kagle said the center’s overall program is geared toward “real scientific inquiry.”

“A lot of the time, we’re out gathering scientific data,” she said, “and then the kids create something original from it.”

In the case of Friday’s program, which is open to admission by a “small donation,” Kagle said, “the art pieces are rooted in the wild places the students explored with our professional naturalists — and include maps of habitats and species we found, a mosaic of paintings depicting the water cycle and soils, and other pieces rooted in the Cape Ann landscape.”

For more information, visit: kestreleducation.squarespace.com.