To the editor:

I read with great interest the letter sent in by Mr. Marolda (The Times, Friday, Nov. 7) concerning the reasons that the Democratic Party lost so badly in the mid-term elections.

I, for one, was not aware of the wonderful state of the economy when President Obama took office. I believe the economy at the time was described as depression like by pundits of both parties. I also seem to remember that quite a few million people lost their homes due to foreclosure.

Perhaps the majority of voters in the past election legitimately feel that more things need to get done in Congress and feel that Republican control can do just that. But that will take leadership and cooperation from both parties. 

Unfortunately, Mr. Marolda also describes the Senate under the leadership of Harry Reid as “obstructionist”. This view does not match the fact that The House of Representatives has been unwilling,  under the control of Republicans to govern in a centralist way.

Their record number of filibusters are a matter of truth, not politically expedient fiction. Their threat to shut down the government on at least three occasions does not evoke in me any sense of security in their leadership abilities.

Now that power has shifted, does Mr. Marolda expect the Democrats to use higher minded tactics than their opposition has in the past six years? 

Politicians are elected to serve all of their constituents, and if members of both parties can remember that, maybe the real losers in this election, the middle class, might not completely disappear.  


Riverside Avenue, Gloucester