, Gloucester, MA

November 15, 2012

Editorial: Seeing dog park across finish line

Gloucester Daily Times

---- — Of all the projects planned throughout the city over the last three years, there may be no truer grassroots effort than the one toward building a Gloucester dog park. And the work already done on the site at Stage Fort Park shows what a gem it can no doubt become.

But with construction essentially halted, and some $75,000 in additional work needed, Gloucester Fishermen’s Athletic Association fund-raiser supreme Dick Wilson and City Councilor Bruce Tobey deserve credit for stepping up to help shepherd the project through to completion. And Tobey, along with Dog Park Committee members who have backed the idea, also deserves credit for suggesting that the park be named for City Council President Jackie Hardy, who has supported it from the start and been a major booster of Cape Ann Animal Aid as well.

Here’s hoping this latest push indeed carries Gloucester’s dog park across the finish line — and that pet owners will soon have the top-of-the line facility that will, like the “renewed” Newell Stadium, be a source of community pride.