, Gloucester, MA


June 21, 2012

Letter: President out of touch with Americans' needs

To the editor:

I love to go on a good vacation.

My wife and I particularly love Hawaii; probably everyone does. We have to save up and skip smaller trips and vacations in order to go every few years. It seems that the president and his family enjoy Hawaii as well — and I don't blame him. After all, it is a beautiful place.

But there is a difference. My wife and I are spending our own money, while the president and his family are spending taxpayers' money.

Based on the news coverage, these vacations are very expensive and fancy. Nevertheless, I wouldn't mind that at all if the number of their vacations were reasonable. After all, the first family have many responsibilities and duties.

However, the members of the first family have taken extended vacations 16 times as of February 2012, and the count keeps growing.

That is more than five per year. I believe that there may be more, but it is difficult to ascertain how many other "government" trips were mostly pleasure.

I am sure that I would enjoy golf if I had the time and the money to play it enough to get good. I don't, and I am not even fair at golf.

Obama apparently has enough time to play more than 100 rounds of golf and we apparently have the money. Didn't a few people complain about President Bush occasionally playing golf while our troops were fighting? Well our troops are still fighting and we have a terrible economy and we now have a golf-alcoholic in the White House. I haven't heard those same people complaining.

President Obama also throws many elaborate parties at the White House. These parties are not government affairs requiring statesmanship. These are celebrity visits and good entertainment and paid for with our money.

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