, Gloucester, MA

August 7, 2013

Letter: Soccer volunteers impacting kids' lives

Gloucester Daily Times

---- — To the editor:

As we look to open up the fall season for Fishermen Youth Soccer we want to thank the many volunteers who put in countless hours to invest in the lives of over 400 young soccer players this last spring.

These volunteers come in many types. There are the nine board members who put in hundreds of hours year round. There are the 61 coaches who practice with their teams twice each week and travel all over Essex County to take them to games on the weekends. There are the in-town coordinators (ages 5-7) who show up early to be sure the fields are ready every week.

There is a volunteer who spends countless hours chasing parents to get pictures of players for ID cards, another who drives them to the county registrar in Danvers to be signed and approved so they will be ready for kids to play on Saturday. There is even a guy who can be spotted at Magnolia Woods just as the sun comes up on Saturday mornings, working around weather and grass cutting schedules, to be sure that all six playing fields have fresh white lines on them for our home games.

This adds up to over 200 games, over 400 goals, four teams in the ECYSA playoffs, hundreds of bruises and dirty knees, lots of lessons learned, a few cases of ice packs and well over 2,500 hours from these volunteers. But the real value — the real impact of these volunteers — goes well beyond and well outside those white lines painted on the fields so early each Saturday morning. The real value of the time these volunteers give is the difference they make in the lives of kids.

They say the game of soccer is a great teacher of the lessons of life, but the game cannot teach alone. The game needs every one of these volunteers, the kids need each one of these teachers. Thank you FYS volunteers and parents for a terrific spring season — and for all you are doing for our kids.


President Board of Fishermen’s Youth Soccer

Written on behalf of the Board of FYS