, Gloucester, MA


August 13, 2013

Letter: Public sailing facility would boost harbor

To the editor:

The days of Gloucester’s working waterfront have been numbered by the government.

While the incredible harbor that is Port Gloucester cannot be allowed to go unproductively fallow, its future usage must be wisely and creatively developed, with the preservation of this great harbor’s beauty in mind.

I expect that some additional accommodation of pleasure boats will be part of the development, but this should not be a race to choke the harbor with unused, plastic, toy boats, as in Marblehead.

A public sailing facility is one use that would truly allow public access to the harbor, by both Gloucester folks and visitors.

By public sailing facility I mean a city sponsored sailing facility with a fleet of stable, small sailboats, such as daysailors, for rental use within the harbor by the public. Instruction could be offered as well.

What a delightful summer scene that would offer from Stage Fort Park — white sails plying the harbor under a sunny, blue sky, over happy families and friends enjoying the harbor. In that way, many who cannot afford to own or maintain boats are not deprived of the pleasure and experience of sailing on Gloucester Harbor.

Such an enterprise would also salute the memory of Gloucester’s sailing tradition.



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