, Gloucester, MA


October 24, 2012

Letter: Mitt's carefully calculated 'Romneysia'

To the Editor;


That’s the term being bandied about in some quarters to describe Mitt Romney’s selective memory when it comes to the varied positions he has held on numerous important issues through the years.

It’s an appropriate moniker, given the list of Romney’s flip flops is longer than a giraffe’s neck.

Now, all politicians, on occasion, change their positions on issues, sometimes for legitimate reasons, and sometimes for reasons that are purely political.

With Romney, the changing of positions on issues rarely, if ever, has had anything to do with legitimate reasons or principles. It has had everything to do with what office he is running for and where, and what he thinks he needs to say to a given constituency to win their votes.

He was, for example, pro choice, a supporter of gay rights, a believer in the science behind climate change and global warming, an advocate of expanding health care to all, a supporter of an assault weapons ban, you name the progressive cause, and Romney likely embraced it when running for office in Massachusetts. But once the presidential bug bit, he jettisoned all those positions and more, in order to curry favor with the right wing, overwhelmingly white, Tea Partying base of the GOP that is key to winning the party’s presidential nomination.

During the seemingly endless GOP primary season, Romney campaigned to the right of Attilla the Hun, or at least Newt Gingrich, on virtually every issue — from gay rights and immigration, to health care and gun control.

He did so because he knew he had to tell that right wing, overwhelmingly white, Tea Partying, GOP base exactly what they wanted to hear if he was to have any hope of becoming the nominee. He knew that because he saw what that GOP base did to his father’s presidential aspirations forty four years ago when the elder Romney stood up to its anti-civil rights, pro-war agenda.

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