, Gloucester, MA


October 29, 2012

Times endorsement: Sen. Scott Brown a clear choice for return to D.C.

In January 2010, in the closing days of the landmark race to succeed the late Sen. Edward M. Kennedy in the U. S. Senate, we endorsed then-state senator Scott Brown for the U.S. Senate as a means of bringing effective, bipartisan change.

We expressed the hope that Brown could reach across the aisle and work with Democratic House lawmakers like John Tierney and Barney Frank to help bring justice and a reasonable work environment to Gloucester’s, Cape Ann’s and all of Massachusetts’ commercial fishermen. We urged him not only to stand up to the spending-mad policies of the Democratic left wing, but to ignore the divisive tactics of the hard-line Republican right as well. And in that vein, we hoped he would strive to be a true catalyst for bringing reform and a forward course for a Congress that had seemingly lost its way – and to a great extent, still has.

Yet, nearly three years later, our scorecard shows that Brown has heeded all of those calls, and in some cases, taken them a step or two beyond what anyone could have hoped. And despite the shamefully false claims about his positions by his challenger, Harvard law professor Elizabeth Warren, it is clear he has fought for Massachusetts workers and taxpayers alike — and that he will continue to do so. That’s why Scott Brown is our clear choice to be re-elected to his Senate seat when voters go to the polls a week from Tuesday.

There are, frankly, many reasons why voters should question many of Warren’s claims and credibility. But there’s no need to dwell on her occasional claims of Native American heritage on job applications without any documented proof of that ancestry — or her claim of fighting for workers in asbestos litigation when she was actually working for insurance giant Travelers. And there should be no need to even acknowledge Warren’s false advertising claims that suggest Brown is against women’s reproductive choice, or against bringing in jobs for Massachusetts residents. He’s none of those things — and this really didn’t need to be that type of campaign.

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