, Gloucester, MA

October 30, 2012

Letter: Mitt's legacy is canceled insurance policies

Gloucester Daily Times

---- — To the Editor:

Mitt Romney scares the heck out of me as he continues his arrogant rhetoric about what he will do for the country if he is elected president of the United States.

I keep hearing or reading about what he did for Massachusetts as governor in regard to health care. You can be sure what he did in Massachusetts he will want to repeat as president.

What he does not tell the American people is that, when he was governor, thousands of people lost health insurance while he did whatever he had to do to be able to call a health-care package his own.

I am one of those who lost MassHealth during his administration. During the time of my loss, I suffered a broken ankle. Mitt Romney did not help me in any way. He did not care about me. He did not know I had chosen to give my time to my mother so she could live in her home. He did not know that, in so doing, I did not have benefit of much employment from outside home, nor health insurance except MassHealth.

I did occasional part-time work until my mother’s care became more demanding. The cost of care in the emergency room of Addison Gilbert Hospital, cost of surgery in Addison Gilbert Hospital, and check ups with the surgeon after surgery amounted to $15,000.

With next to nothing to pay for this, I was scared. Mitt Romney was not there for me. My health insurance was cancelled during his administration. I am thankful for the insurances outside my own that had become non-existent, that did help me. But Romney did nothing but cancel my MassHealth.

I believe he will do the same thing as president. This is not a man to trust. This is not a man who cares about the people of this country. This is a man who is interested in his own self interests.

Political leaders do indeed play a big role in job availability. In California, I graduated from college and applied for work there. For every teaching job advertised, there were hundreds of applicants, so I looked for work outside my chosen field.

I applied for work in the state mental hospital. I took the hospital’s test and filled out the job application. I got an A on the test. I got hired. The only problem was that, during Gov. Ronald Reagan’s administration, state funding to such hospitals was simply cut. No money meant no job.

I believe President Obama’s political agenda is more humane and environmentally better than what the other candidate offers.

If it is social in nature, so be it; this country has well-established social programs which have been in place long before Obama came along, social programs which benefit our people and our country.