, Gloucester, MA


November 1, 2012

Letter: Give president congressional support

To the editor:

In this year’s presidential election, we must not forget the importance of the races in the houses of Congress as well.

When President Obama was elected in 2008, Republican lawmakers stated that their objective was to ensure the failure of the newly elected president; not to govern, mind you, but to block and obfuscate for political revenge.

As President Obama stands for a second term, keep this in mind as you make your decisions.

If you support our president for re-election, give him the senators and representatives he needs to make his programs effective.

If you support President Obama, vote Elizabeth Warren for senator and John Tierney for representative, both of whom hold the same middle-class values as the president, and will promote the progressive programs so necessary to this country’s well-being.

Don’t let this country return to the unregulated trickle-down economics that have proved such a burden on working people.


Gale Avenue, Rockport

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