, Gloucester, MA

June 29, 2013

Letter: Limit cuts and fishing's recovery

Gloucester Daily Times

---- — To the editor:

A recent letter (the Times, Tuesday, June 25) mentioned global warming and climate change as “a main cause” of the sharp decline in fish catches.

The letter went on to suggest that Gloucester should move on to find “new ways to make our communities great.”

However, I don’ t think we need to give up on the fishing industry quite yet. Although the evidence of climate change is undeniable, and oceans are warming, there was some encouraging fishing news last Sunday on PBS radio.

Norway and New Zealand had been overfishing their waters for years with serious declines. Without the dogmatic resistance to regulation prevalent in this country, they drastically cut their quotas and, with strict enforcement, fish stocks rebounded. Today, their fish stocks have recovered close to previous levels and they are fishing sustainably.

I realize that the mention of overfishing brings on strong emotions as evidenced by the scathing criticism in a letter following mine where my name was mentioned five times. This only proves my point that too much of the Gloucester fishing industry refuses to even consider the possibility of overfishing.

We must get over this before it is too late and we end up like Canada which shut down the Newfoundland fishery. After 10 years, it still has not recovered.

Norway and New Zealand cut their quotas in time. So must we!