, Gloucester, MA

May 1, 2013

Terror suspect didn't deserve Miranda airing

Gloucester Daily Times

---- — To the editor:

It’s time for me to throw in my two cents to Arthur Thomas, who, in general, has a valid and precise opinion (letter “Judge made right call on suspect’s rights,” the Times, Monday, April 29.)

However, in this case of terrorism, when we the people still do not know what transpired in Benghazi, I believe Miranda should have been witheld under the safety clause, until information could have been extracted. It’s not that the two are connected, but then and only then the process of a speedy trial should begin.

During the 1940s, my memory is foggy on the number, but I believe seven or however several Nazi Colaborators, came ashore from a U Boat off the South Shore of Long Island, not far from the Brookhaven Atomic Energy Labs. No one was injured or died; yet these enemy non-combatants were arrested, quickly tried as sabateurs, and executed within a matter of weeks.

With the Marathon video evidence showing these two non-combatants planting the explosives that caused death and mayhem, there are only the questions of why, where and how did they obtain the explosives. We will not be able to obtain that information now that the younger has been told to keep silent.

To add fuel to your fire, Mr. Thomas, consider this: several years after the saboteurs were executed, a couple, by the names of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, were electrocuted in the electric chair in Ossining, N.Y., for handing the Russian government atomic bomb secrets that they allegedly stole from that same Brookhaven facility on Long Island.

The Rosenberg trial and execution took no more than three months total, as I recall. But the point is the Rosenberg’s were American citizens and received speedy justice.

Will this young terrorist, moved in the middle of the night, get the same speedy justice, or will our weakened Department of Justice just have him deported back to Russia.

Perhaps, Mr. Thomas, that would suit you just fine.


Langsford Street, Gloucester