, Gloucester, MA

November 2, 2012

Letter: Vote Tisei, Brown for a course correction

Gloucester Daily Times

---- — To the editor:

After 16 years as our congressional representative, John Tierney has discovered the fishing industry. (”Tierney vows fishery push,” Gloucester Times, Oct. 30).

It is infuriating to recognize that, in the 16 years that John Tierney has been our congressional representative, Gloucester’s fishing industry and related enterprises have sunk to their lowest ebb.

The sad fact is that, while John Tierney has purported to be our representative, he has ignored the needs of the fishing industry; vessel owners, fishermen and all those small businesses and their employees that support this once great industry.

It is no longer a secret that the federal government, through NOAA, has used junk science advanced by environmental interests to undermine the U.S. fishing industry. It is a sad fact that our congressman, John Tierney, has aided this effort while accepting large campaign donations from those very environmental groups working to destroy a once vibrant and job producing industry.

I have known John Tierney for more than 20 years. In the time that he has been our congressional representative, John Tierney has supported policies that have done significant damage to the working people of his district. In the last four years, he has voted down the line with the failed proposals of President Obama.

It is startling to learn that one in six people in America are now living below the poverty line, the greatest number and percentage since the Great Depression. Yet Tierney voted for a “stimulus” plan that produced no jobs, and which invested $90 billion in taxpayer money to now bankrupt companies, such as Solyndra. He voted to take $850 billion from the Medicare trust fund to fund ObamaCare against the will of constituents.

John Tierney, senate candidate Elizabeth Warren and President Obama continue to argue for greater regulations which strangle small business and chase American jobs overseas, as well as discouraging exploration of oil, natural gas, or coal, thus resulting in $4 a gallon gas and skyrocketing home heating oil. They have all put their party, as well as themselves, ahead of what is best for Americans, and their policies have failed.

Elizabeth Warren has inappropriately advanced herself over other deserving candidates in the academic world by abusing the affirmative action system and labeling herself a minority. She believes that our country would be better off if we continue on the path that President Obama has set over the past four years.

By contrast, Sen. Scott Brown was born into a working-class family and supported himself through law school. He understands the plight of the working class of Cape Ann and has become a champion of the fishing industry. There is no telling the good he could do when given six more years to represent us in the Senate.

For 32 years, I have operated a law office representing fishermen, longshoremen, and blue water sailors as well as land-based workers. For 16 years John Tierney has worked against my clients, friends and our industry. For the past four years, President Obama and those who have done his bidding, as Elizabeth Warren has, have further devastated our local and national economy.

Failure should not be rewarded and the people of Cape Ann and the people of Massachusetts deserve far better than to have John Tierney and Elizabeth Warren as our representatives in Congress.

As an individual who cares deeply for the people of Cape Ann, my clients, family and friends, I strongly urge a vote for Richard Tisei as our congressman and to re-elect Scott Brown for senator.


Western Avenue, Gloucester