, Gloucester, MA


November 13, 2012

Letter: Moving past election's bias, negativity

To the editor:

With this election cycle finally behind us, it’s time for all Americans to step back and take a long hard look at the negativity that permeated so much of this presidential campaign.

Granted, both sides engaged in some pretty nasty mud slinging, but when one looks objectively at who slung what mud, where, and at whom, it’s real clear the Republicans, especially the most ideologically among them, won that contest hands down.

Sure, President Obama’s quip in a Rolling Stone interview about Mitt Romney being a “BS-er” was uncalled for, but it also happened to be true.

I recall attending a Kennedy fund-raiser in 1994 where Romney’s sudden metamorphosis into a pro choice U.S. Senate candidate was a big topic of conversation. Ted Kennedy, in his inimitable style, quipped, “My friends, with me you know you get pro choice. With Mitt, you get multiple choice.” It was such a classic comment because it was so true.

Mitt Romney continued that “multiple choice” approach to politics for the next 18 years; doing 180-degree position shifts on a long list of important issues, depending on what office he was seeking and to what consituency he was appealing.

To say that is not being negative or disrespectful. It is being truthful.

What I have found most disturbing since President Obama was first elected were the concerted efforts by so many on the Right to constantly portray the president as some kind of sinister outsider, someone who was not really “one of us,” but one of the “others.”

The overwhelmingly white, Tea Party/New American Right has long denied race had anything to do with their unprecedented personal attacks and countless conspiracy theories about the president. I never bought that malarkey for a minute. There were just too many examples of racially tinged attacks against the president, and his family, during his first term, some subtle, some not so subtle, for anyone but those in the deepest denial not to be able to see what so many on the right were doing.

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