, Gloucester, MA

November 13, 2012

Letter: Tisei missed real reasons for his loss

Gloucester Daily Times

---- — To the editor:

The front page article “Tisei credits Obama groundswell for 6th District defeat” (the Times, Monday, Nov. 12) warrants a response.

No matter how tempting it is for Mr. Tisei to offer a number of invalid excuses regarding his loss to Mr. Tierney in the 6th Congressional District election, he conveniently neglects those that significantly contributed to his defeat. Perhaps this clarification will promote more introspection and analysis by Mr. Tisei, and possibly discourage future candidates who contemplate using such tactics contributing to his loss.

The purpose of any election is to compare the candidates, their statements, their credentials, their track records, and then to decide who will best serve the citizenry.

An examination of Mr. Tisei’s written materials, political advertisements and public comments yield peculiar patterns. For many months, there were vicious attacks on Mr. Tierney; ad hominum statements that only promoted confusion; and relentless, costly negative publicity loaded with innuendos about the congressman and his family.

In his fervor to win, Mr. Tisei never did articulate clear reasons for selecting him instead of Mr. Tierney. His mission might have been to win the election, but he neglected to tell the voters how, what and why he would specifically benefit the citizens in our district.

The voters understood Mr. Tierney’s outstanding and consistent voting record on behalf of the individuals and groups who needed his attention and support. We would not be swayed by the constant barrage of negativity.

Then, when the outcome was inevitable, Mr. Tisei’s team reverted to delay and further unfounded accusations, hiding behind the term “irregularities.” But they did have not produced any data to support such contention, before belatedly conceding. Again the innuendo card.

This all seemed like the empty protests of a spoiled child.

There are always major factors that explain why one candidate wins and another loses. The stark reality is Mr. Tierney was a far better candidate than Mr. Tisei.


Normanstone Drive, Rockport