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March 15, 2014

Letter: Warrant question on 'swap shop' misleading

To the editor:

Rockport Town Meeting is at 9 a.m. on Saturday, April 5, and I am concerned about Article R.

It reads “to see if the town will vote to retain ‘Swap Shop’ and ‘Book Barn’ facilities for personal use for Rockport residents and re-open the ‘Metal Pile’ to residents seeking items for personal use; or act on anything relative thereto.”

The way Article R reads, it sounds as if the Selectmen are thinking of closing the “Swap Shop” and “Book Barn.”

This is not true. This warrant article is not being presented by the selectmen; it is a petition signed by citizens to regulate people from taking items to be sold at yard sales, church fairs and even some second-hand merchandise shops.

It does not matter who takes the “Swap Shop” items. They are being recycled, which is its basic purpose.

Some items I have brought home have been used and later returned to be recycled again, especially toys. Transfer station workers cannot have the added chore of policing the “Swap Shop.” Let people take what they want and move things along rather than adding it to our tonnage costs.

Regarding the “Metal Pile,” just take down the sign.

If someone wants to try to repair something like an old lawnmower or give a child a bicycle, it is a good example of recycling. Excessive removal of metal items should be observed by the transfer station workers and dealt with properly.

Selling metal is good income for the town, but the two small bicycles that I saw one day in the “Metal Pile” should have been put in the “Swap Shop” for some children to enjoy, but no one dared to move the bicycles because of the sign.

That was a sad day. The “Swap Shop” is a fun place and should continue to be so.



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