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September 25, 2013

Letter: Rockport board shows leadership on leases

To the editor:

This is an open letter to the Rockport selectmen:

In the last few weeks, I have attended a number of open meetings regarding the Long Beach issue.

I have witnessed many boards tackle some very thorny issues, in my 25 years as a permanent resident, but I have never seem one act as professionally, as openly and as well prepared as you have been on this issue.

I feel very comfortable that you are listening to all the options, rationalizing all of them, weighing all the opinions, adjusting your thinking and continuing to learn as more and more information is obtained and becomes available.

In the end, I believe that this board will end up making the right decision. Your openness and candid exchange of ideas, without rancor within yourselves, is most reassuring and comforting.

So, I want to say “thank you” for your leadership. Thank you for not kicking this issue down the road. Thanks also for being so thorough in listening and digging into every idea and every suggestion from all sides, and for being so open to the public.

Some may not agree with your final decisions, but none can say that the issue is not being fully vetted. Your abilities to listen, to learn and to compromise are very encouraging.

I am confident that our town is in very good hands, with thoughtful leadership. I am also sure you are anxious to see this issue resolved in the most positive way possible for all the concerned parties.

Take all the time you need. Thank you for doing a great and difficult job.


Quarry Run, Rockport

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