, Gloucester, MA

September 30, 2013

Letter: Cruz's actions recall McCarthyism at its worst

Gloucester Daily Times

---- — To the editor:

Ted Cruz may have been the first Canadian citizen to be elected to various offices, including the Senate in Texas.

That may be nice for Texas, but Cruz’s bungling in the Senate is hurting the whole country not just the district in Texas which elected him to simply cause havoc in Washington.

In his recent submission, Stuart Diamond (letters, the Times, Wednesday, Sept. 25) writes that Cruz “doesn’t deserve” the attacks on him in an earlier letter. I would suggest thag he does.

The “Affordable HealthCare Act” are words that never came out Cruz’s mouth as he, even before the law was voted on, called it “Obamacare” — meant as a slur against our president.

Cruz’s time in the Senate has just been a return of Joe McCarthy like witch hunts, including his repeatedly and falsely calling our Hawaiian-born president “Kenyan-born” to make it seem as if he is illegally holding the office.

At the same time, of course, he is a Canada-born citizen of that country, somehow planning on running for President in the next election.

Cruz’s obsession with the myth that Americans do not what affordable health care is borderline insane. His equating the passing of the affordable health care act as Democrats telling the Catholic Church, “Change your religious beliefs or we’ll use our power in the federal government to shut down your charities and your hospitals,” is McCarthyism at its worst.

There are many disconnects between economic reality and Cruz’s oversimplified, often inaccurate attempt to paint President Obama’s record as the “exact opposite” of Ronald Reagan’s.

The reality is that, under President Obama, the deficit has been consistently been going down.

Total federal spending soared during Reagan’s deficit-plagued first term, and the national debt nearly doubled. His budget director later resigned and wrote a book criticizing Reagan’s failure to cut spending. Yet Sen. Cruz is fighting at every level to return to the filed polices of President Reagan.

Cruz’s fight to prevent a law passed by Congress, signed by the president and held up as legal by the Supreme Court though a legislative policy maneuver shows that he does not understand legislative procedure or respect Constitutional law.


Heights at Cape Ann, Gloucester