, Gloucester, MA


October 4, 2013

Editorial Time to end campaign games

Gamesmanship can no doubt be a part of any political campaign — and that really seems to be the case in this year’s run for the Gloucester mayoral seat.

But even if one or more of Mayor Carolyn Kirk’s campaign workers or volunteers did infiltrate challenger Mac Bell’s kickoff event a week earlier, did Bell really think it was appropriate to show up in person at a Kirk fund-raiser — as he did at The Gloucester House last Saturday night? Why?

All right, some felt the mayor might have better handled the intrusion. By all counts, she asked Bell to leave — in part because she was wary of talking “campaign strategy” to a roomful of supporters with her challenger in the audience. Really? Inside campaign strategy at an event that was promoted as a fund-raiser, yet one that was open to the public, with all welcome?

Good grief.

There are 4 1/2 weeks to the Nov. 5 elections, and there will be plenty of debates and chances for Kirk and Bell to meet face-to-face, beginning next week (see news story, Page 3). But let’s hope that those and other exchanges will focus on the many issues confronting the city — and whomever emerges as the Election Day winner.

It’s time for the political gamesmanship to end, and a real open discussion of the issues to truly take center stage.

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