, Gloucester, MA


October 8, 2013

Letter: Time to tone down the mayoral race rhetoric

To the editor:

Like most people who live here, I love this town and I wake up every day feeling very blessed to be here.

I am concerned however, that in the heat of the political moment, people are saying and writing things out of anger, fear or even spite, that are actually counter-productive and sometimes even destructive of the beautiful community we have all created here.

I have made a personal decision to vote for Carolyn Kirk again, because I have seen so many improvements and innovations happen under her watch, and because I know from personal experience that she is a good, honest woman with a big heart.

Having said that, I did attend Mac Bell’s launch party, not as a spy, but because I want to learn as much as I can in this election, and to make sure I am making the right decisions. Also, in case my candidate doesn’t win, I want to be able to know about the other and hopefully to support them after the election is over.

I had never even met Mac Bell before this election, but since his kick-off event, I have now run into him several times in different events, both social and political (for other candidates). I find Mac to be a very nice person, competent and like Carolyn, with the best intentions and a love of our fair city.

It therefore makes me cringe and even makes me sad to see the awful character assassinations and extremely disrespectful tone of some letters in the Gloucester Times from supporters and opponents of both sides and I wish it would stop.

Tearing down either candidate is tearing down our community, even ourselves. It is like public bullying and by the way, I encourage everyone to go see Henry Allen’s “Tragabigsanda,” a trilogy of plays that includes one brilliant and moving piece on the subject.

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