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October 19, 2013

Letter: No need for tabloid coverage in mayoral race

To the editor:

The front page headline screams, “Road Rage call on Bell bring no charges.”

Yet the second paragraph states that “police filed no charges – and there was no indication in the report that Bell said or did anything by way of interacting with the other driver.”

We’re sure there are important issues to discuss in this campaign. People want and need to be informed about the view of the candidates on a wide range of matters.

We believe that the spectacular headlines in your newspaper serve no purpose beyond providing entertainment and selling newspapers. They are disrespectful of the electoral process, and disrespectful of the voters of Gloucester.

There was an exciting debate about green initiatives between the candidates, Mayor Kirk and Mac Bell, last Tuesday evening at the UU church. We’d expect — and much prefer — to read about that important subject in this paper rather than about a nonevent dredged up with what we viewed as an inexcusably misleading headline.

Senator Joe Lieberman writes in his book In Praise of Public Life that, “the virus of lost standards being passed back and forth among the entertainment culture, the news media, and the government, make each more ill.” We don’t want that happening here.

Please focus on the issues and leave the tabloid headlines for the scandal sheets. We need balanced coverage.


Sumner Street, Gloucester

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