, Gloucester, MA

October 19, 2013

Letter: Default threat exposed Tea Party zealots

Gloucester Daily Times

---- — To the editor:

As I read John Kolackovsky’s letter, (the Times, Wednesday, Oct, 16), I couldn’t help but wonder, yet again, “What kind of parallel political universe do these Tea Party types live in?”

Mr. Kolackovsky’s claim that it was “big government” holding the American people “hostage” would be laughable if the behavior of the true hostage takers — the Tea Party zealots in the House — was not so reckless and dangerous, not just to the American people and US economy but to the global economy as well.

For, example, Mr. Kolackovsky claimed the three dozen or so Tea Party hostage takers and political terrorists in the House were “... overwhelmingly voted in and kept in to stop ObamaCare.”

The three dozen or so Tea Party hostage takers and political terrorists were not “overwhelmingly voted in.” They were elected from rigidly gerrymandered congressional districts where no one, at least not at the moment, who does not share the far right, Obama-hating, biblical literalist ideology of the Tea Party hostage takers and political terrorists, stands a snowball’s chance in Hades of getting elected.

Interestingly though, in three states where some of those rigidly gerrymandered districts are located, Missouri, Illinois and Indiana, the GOP was hijacked by the Tea Party extremists during the 2012 primary season. The extremists succeeded in nominating three fellow “whacko bird” — thanks again, Sen. McCain for that one — Tea Partiers as the GOP’s nominees to the US Senate, and all three were handily defeated by their Democratic opponents.

In addition, it is true the GOP maintained its majority in the House last year, but the party still lost several seats nonetheless.

Perhaps most interestingly, when one looks at the votes cast for House candidates from a national perspective, Democrats got four million more votes than Republicans did. And let’s not forget, President Obama was handily re-elected last year and Senate Democrats not only kept their majority in that chamber, they added to it.

I share this because it is time to expose the Fox News, Koch brothers, and Heritage Foundation’s lavishly funded lie that the Tea Party movement is a grassroots phenomenon, or representative of a majority of Americans — be they traditional conservatives, independent centrists, or old-time liberals like myself.

If the default had occurred, people with elderly parents in nursing homes may find themselves being told they have to take their parents home in early November when the Medicare reimbursement and Social Security checks that pay for such costly health services stop coming.

If the default occurred, Gloucester’s many honorable and deserving veterans would have been wondering how they were to pay November’s rent, buy their groceries, and get the health care they have so nobly earned. And that is just the tip of the iceberg.

What is truly worrisome, even frightening, is that no matter what happens, the New American Right has been widely discredited and exposed for the extremist movement that it really is and that, especially now that they’ve failed in their kamikaze mission to wreck the global economy as a means to try and humiliate President Obama, is only likely to make them more dangerous.