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November 1, 2013

Letter: Mayor deserves our thanks on several counts

To the editor:

Thank you, Mayor Kirk, for the fine example you have set for women.

Thank you for your honesty, integrity and strength.

Thank you for your dedication as a “mom,” wife, daughter, sister and friend.

Thank you for running Gloucester as any good CFO would run a giant business.

Thank you for your courage in the face of criticism.

Thank you for running a positive campaign.

Thank you for all you’ve done in complying with state and federal mandates.

Thank you for trying your best against regulatory constraints that hurt.

Thank you for inspiring new business and industry.

Thank you for new development and promoting the arts and culture.

Thank you for taking the responsibility of “the most difficult job in the city.”

Thank you for leading Gloucester to a future of sustainability.

Thank you for making all of us proud to live in such a beautiful city.

Simply put, Thank you, Mayor Kirk.


Wonson Street, Gloucester

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