, Gloucester, MA


November 1, 2013

Letter: Kirk lives up to her campaign mottos

To the editor:

As a West Parish parent and citizen of Gloucester, I cannot speak highly enough of our mayor, Carolyn Kirk.

Mayor Kirk has more than lived up to her motto of “vision, leadership and progress.”

She has been present and available at PTO meetings regarding building and other issues; she has collaborated with the School Committee, City Council and Building Committee to ensure a new school for Gloucester students via the “MSBA pipeline.”

And that’s the tip of the iceberg! Mayor Kirk has improved all aspects of our beautiful city.

From our water treatment plants; wind turbines; Gloucester Crossing; Newell Stadium; City Police and Fire; upgrades to our waterfront; advancements in tourism; block parties, and more, Mayor Kirk has worked effectively and collaboratively with officials and citizens across the city.

If you have never had the opportunity to see our tireless mayor stand in front of our City Council, you have not seen the brains behind the operation. She is informed on every aspect of our great city, from budget numbers, to city planning, to community awareness. Mayor Kirk is smart, insightful, and informative. She has improved our city by leaps and bounds.

As a supporter of Mayor Carolyn Kirk, I had the opportunity to attend the Women for Kirk brunch last Sunday.

She took time to talk with us about what it means to be mayor of Gloucester. She holds herself accountable for every crisis that affects our city, including a 20-day water boil order, a natural gas explosion, hurricane and snowstorm preparations, city sewer issues, and so much more.

She handles every crisis with professionalism, organization and strength, all while balancing her life as wife, mother and daughter.

Vote for vision, leadership and progress for Gloucester.

Vote Kirk for Mayor on Tuesday, Nov. 5.


Western Avenue, Gloucester

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