, Gloucester, MA


November 1, 2013

Letter: Bell seeks to clarify fence case

To the editor:

I am writing to clarify an issue and stories that have surfaced regarding Pascucci Court.

In 2010, we renovated 33 Commercial St. to accommodate Endicott College. As required by law, we removed a section of fence in front of a fire door which opened onto Pascucci Court. Joe Palmisano charged us with malicious damage of private property.

We resolved the matter by what is known as a “general continuance.” This involved payment of a sum in restitution for the fence with no presumption of guilt or responsibility. I chose this course rather than a lengthy civil trial because I was busy running for mayor.

The payment was due on Oct. 29, and was paid on that date. I never “pleaded guilty” to anything.

Little did I imagine this minor legal matter, resolved amicably by both parties, would balloon into a front page article dredging up past headlines.

We have since done repairs on the building with full cooperation and understanding of our neighbors that Pascucci Court is a public way. Please ask Joe Palmisano if these facts are true.



Candidate for mayor

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