, Gloucester, MA


November 3, 2013

Letter: Recognizing City Hall's place in history

To the editor:

The members of the Historical Commission would like to express their support for the continued use of the current City Hall Building as the seat of Gloucester’s government, and to stand as the focal point of the downtown government campus.

This newly restored example of second empire Victorian architecture is one of the oldest city halls to house continuous municipal government operations in the United States and will soon be listed as a National Historic Landmark.

We hope that this legacy of Gloucester’s hardworking, industrious citizens will continue to stand as one of the most beautiful and useful buildings for many generations to come.

Our tenure of guardianship for our precious historic treasures is just a short span of a very long journey.

It is incumbent upon us and successive generations to protect and preserve this and other historic treasures that define who we are as a caring, progressive community.



Co-Chair, Gloucester Historical Commission

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