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November 3, 2013

Letter: Time to 'unite, not untie' and work together

To the editor:

I am writing to address what I call the holes in the cloth in our society — our moral fibers so shredded and frayed, that they are no longer even cloth.

I have seen so many families where they have to work two and three jobs each, to keep a roof over their heads, with the cost of housing — rental, owned, or mortgaged — the way it is today.

Couples are working so hard, that they are not getting the time to strengthen their relationships. Then the children don’t have any one to come home to, or a place to express their feelings, their hurts, angers, or frustrations. And worst of all, God isn’t allowed in schools, or in the work place. This dissolves many marriages, and families where there is no place or time to express, or be in touch with their feelings, and their well being, for themselves, or their loved ones.

One of my favorite expressions with which you may be familiar is “Unite, don’t untie.”

But it has gotten to the point where people are valued by how much money they can make, and not who they really are. The antipathy between the haves and the have nots is increasing on a constant basis, and more people are becoming homeless all the time.

I have encountered people telling me their stories about how they are living in the woods, or under a tree — and some of these people had good jobs, where their companies folded, or they were injured. This is a climate with really cold winters, which will be upon us before we know, and we must do something to help people to not end up like that, to help the ones that already have.

If people reconstruct buildings, cities, and places, why can’t we do that with our economy, our ecology, and most of all, our society?

We need to get back to “sweet simplicity” — working together and reaching out with love for one another as well.


Pleasant Street, Gloucester

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